Important Information for Presenters

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Technology and Room Set-up

There will be a screen and speakers in all rooms and halls where presentations take place. The Congress organizer does not provide laptops and DVD/CD players: if you have a CD/DVD, audio files, and/or movie files to play as part of your presentation, you need to operate them on your laptop. We strongly advise you to get them embedded on your Power Point file.

We use VGA multiport cables to connect your laptop and the projector to project images (PowerPoint files, DVDs, etc.). While they work with most non-Mac laptops, Mac-users will need a USB-C VGA multiport adapter (see Please note that the Congress organizer does not provide them. For sound, we use the universal audio connecter 3.5 mm, which usually works with all laptops.

The voltage in Japan is 100 Volt and Japanese electrical plugs have two, non-polarized pins. If your laptop power adapter does not work with 100 Volt (which is unlikely), then you should bring with you a voltage converter. Even if you do not need a voltage converter, you will most likely need a socket adapter (unless you live in North America). The Congress organizer does not provide you with neither converters nor adapters.


The Tokyo University of the Arts currently provides a free Wi-Fi for guests but plans to discontinue the service in near future. Therefore, please do not rely on online resources for your presentation (even if the service is available during the Congress period, the connection is very unreliable). When you need an internet access in Japan, we recommend to rent a pocket Wi-Fi router at the airports.

At Naria and Haneda Airports cellular phones, SIM cards, and Wi-Fi routers can be rented. See the following websites for more information:

  • (Narita Airport)
  • (Haneda Airport)

Printer-friendly version of  “Technical Information for Presenters” in PDF-format [Download]