Collaborative Project B

Research Institute for Japanese Music Historiography, Ueno Gakuen University

Lecture-concert on the Tangentenflügel
Ueno Gakuen holds the only existing example of the Tangentenflügel (tangent piano) in Japan. After our founding of Japan’s first harpsichord department in 1963, the instrument was purchased in 1975, and we have continued research on its origin, maker, and original condition ever since. A research team formed in 2014 has undertaken surveys of specimens of the instrument held overseas. Two short lectures on the instrument’s action and its restoration to its original state will be followed by performance on the instrument by WATANABE Yoshio.
Venue: Ishibashi Memorial Hall, Ueno Gakuen University
Date: March 21 (19:30–21:00)

The Tangentenflügel in the past and present (FUNAYAMA Nobuko)
Restoration of the Ueno Gakuen Tangentenflügel and issues in performance (WATANABE Yoshio)
Performance (WATANABE Yoshio): Repertoire to be selected from pieces by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach and other eighteenth-century composers, in acc

*Ueno Gakuen University, situated in the same Uenocultural zone as the Tokyo University of the Arts, the venue of the Congress, features this project. Over the last half century, the university has been a center for historical research on the music of both East and West, with its Research Institute for Japanese Music Historiography undertaking research on the music of Japan and its Asian roots, and its Institute for the Study of Musical Instruments undertaking research on the history of music of the West. The project presents concrete examples of the research (theory) that these institutes have undertaken, and demonstrate them with performance (practice) in concerts of intimately related music. (A bus service will be provided between the venues.)