IMS 2017 in Tokyo, Program and Abstracts



(Corrections as of March 13 have been reflected.)

Addenda & Corrigenda (March 15, 2017)

Last minute corrections:

    p.57, FP-8D: Sabine FEISST (Arizona State University) Sonic Placemaking in the American Southwest: Theory and Practice of the Listen(n) Project. Add: Co-author Garth PAINE (Arizona State University), p. 408, add: Paine, Garth, FP-8D to Index of Participants (March 20)
    pp.40,88 RT-4-3 THEORIZING MUSIC BY PRACTICING PHILOSOPHY: Presentation of Nanette Nielsen has been canceled. Tomas McAuley will read an additional paper “A brief history of music and philosophy (Or, a very brief history of musicology and philosophy)”. (March 17, 2017)
    pp. 49, 241, FP-6D: Morton WAN’s paper “Imparting Freedom: A Tale of Three Fantasies (Mozart K 475, Beethoven Opp. 77 & 80)” has been canceled (March 18, 2017)
    pp. 67, 340, FP-10H: Anna STOLL KNECHT’s paper “Mahler Conducting Wagner” has been canceled. (March 16, 2017)

Divided Files

Cover-Program at a Glance – Notes of Welcome – Theme – Organizer – Directorium – Acknowledgements – IMS Program – Concerts – Collaborative Projects – Exhibitors – Information for the participants – Program, cover – p.70
Abstracts Part 1
Abstracts: Keynote Lectures – Roundtables – Study Sessions, pp. 71-127
Abstracts Part 2
Abstracts: Free Papers – IMS Roundtable/IMS Study Group/ The Four Rs (RISM-RILM-RIdIM-RIPM) – Index of Participants – Advertisements – Campus Map – Cover, p. 130-end